Agrosilver Value project (Erasmus+) promoting the training in agroecology

Agrosilver project “Integrating silver knowledge from agroecology into the VET systems” has been launched in September 2020 and the partners has been gathered in the first technical workshop.


This project, AgroSilver Value, provides a new approach for the development of knowledge in the agriculture sector.


The project tools can support teachers and students in their daily work with agroecology,  by providing new attractive content, 100% video content and work-based. With the provided tools, the agricultural teaching will be more attractive, both for the teacher and the student.



Platform of Agreoecology Videos

This Platform is a compilation of videos related to agroecology, based on the real experiences and testimonies of farmers, silver farmers and teachers, gathered in a structured online database, where the videos are stored and indexed with labels for a better identification.


The search portal allows to filter by labels, by keywords, or just use the automatic searching machine, resulting in a list of proposed videos on the selected thematic.


Videos Software

The software, integrated in the platform, will allow you to:

  • Video to Audio

Read the audio content of the video.

  • Speech To Text

Transform the audio into text, creating subtitles and storing the data.

  • Translation

Translate the subtitles into main EU language.

  • Automatic labeling

Create automatic labelling of the video, identifying main topics and video thematic.


The project tools are delivery freely for any interested teacher or student, because they are developed under the European project of cooperation “Agrosilver Value” which has been funded by the European Commission through the Eramus+ programme.


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