A tool to preserve knowledge for future generations and increase its current value.

Every person has specific knowledge gathered through a hard process of life learning. This knowledge is usually transmitted to other people through a direct personal contact with the knowledge owner.


However, not always this transmission is produced and the knowledge is in many cases partially or totally lost. This lost is especially painful when the knowledge is being globally losing application, and can lead to a total disappearance of specific expertise which could be of interest in the future.


In other cases, the lack of knowledge transmission can be due to a decrease of the local interest for this expertise applications, however, this same expertise can be of high interest in other geographical areas where the topic is still of necessity.



AGROSILVER VALUE partners have identified these problems and potential interest, looking for a solution with allows the gathering, processing, storing of local knowledge in the field of agriculture and ecology.



The objective is to create a large database of video knowledge, where tradition, old knowledge and ancient practices will be mixed to new nowadays teaching, creating a mine of agroecology contents.



The online platform with this information will be ready soon, and any teacher, farmer or researcher will be able to go and mine the database in search of key information to support its agropractices, lessons or research work.


Forst tools are expected to be launched at the end of 2021.