Agrosilver meeting in Agen

Last Monday July 11th, in the Agrosilver project context, the ninth meeting of the project took place in the Chamber of Agriculture Lot-et-Garonne, Agen (France). Between the participants we could find representatives of all the countries involved in the project.


Regarding the results expected in a short-medium term after the meeting can be highlighted:

– The video platform will soon reach more than 100 videos in more than 7 languages
– All the videos will have original language subtitles
– The videos will be available to be played with subtitles in more than 20 languages

Agrosilver project “Integrating silver knowledge from agroecology into the VET systems” is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and involve the cooperation of partners from Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, France and Malta during the years 2020 to 2023.

The project develops video resources, video training material and video tools for farmers and teachers interested in increasing their knowledge on Agroecology.

For more information: Agrosilver

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